Charubala is the controller of the Indian Railway.


Thomas & Friends

Charubala was first seen at a shunting yard when Thomas and Nia are heading to Sodor.

While Thomas was working on the Indian Railway, he followed Charubala's orders. One day, she introduced him to the Director of a Bollywood movie that was being filmed on the railway, as he had a job for him. She was later present on the set during the filming of the movie.

When Charubala tells Thomas to collect and deliver a truckload of coconuts, he became lost at the Monkey Palace. When Thomas arrives at the Indian Railway Station, Charubala was disappointed that all the coconuts are gone and she demands Thomas to go and get some more. Thomas manages to get more coconuts with the help of the monkeys and he delivers the coconuts to Charubala on time.

Later, when Thomas and Rajiv are excited with wanting to take passengers on Noor Jehan's jungle tour to see tigers, she reminds them that they still have their own jobs to get done first. Thomas later brings her with a pair of police officers to apprehend two poachers that hired Rajiv to help them find and capture a tiger, but were lured into a trap by Thomas, Rajiv, and Shankar instead. She is very impressed with Thomas and Rajiv for helping protect the tigers, before sharing a laugh when it is discovered that Shankar had disappeared in the meantime.


Thomas & Friends

She is likely to appear in the twenty-third series.


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  • Charubala is the first female railway controller to appear in the franchise.
  • Her name means "pretty girl" in the Gujarati language.
  • Many news articles in September 2018 spelt her name as "Churubala".