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Chases, Races and Runaways is a UK VHS featuring three first series episodes and eight second series episodes narrated by Ringo Starr and four third series episodes and three fourth series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


  1. Percy Runs Away - Percy is careless on the main line and gets a shock.
  2. Dirty Objects - James learns that it is wise not to speak rudely to the other engines.
  3. Down the Mine - Thomas tries some mischief and finds himself in a hole!
  4. Thomas, Percy and the Coal - Trucks and coal dust brings disaster.
  5. Cows - Gordon and Henry tease Edward about an accident until they find out why...
  6. Percy and Harold - Harold is being a nuisance, but Percy and his driver surprise him.
  7. The Runaway - Duck looks after Annie and Clarabel whilst Thomas is ill.
  8. A Close Shave - Duck pays a surprise visit to the barber's shop!
  9. Better Late Than Never - Railway repairs make life difficult for Thomas and his friends.
  10. Break Van - A brake van makes things worse for Donald and Douglas until James helps.
  11. Percy's Predicament - Daisy is difficult, Percy is annoyed, and Toby tries to help.
  12. Gordon and the Famous Visitor - Gordon doesn't trust the important visiting engine.
  13. Toby's Tightrope - Mavis is very sorry to have put Toby in danger with her high spirits.
  14. Escape - Douglas helps a frightened engine called Oliver.
  15. Oliver Owns Up - Oliver is wiser after an uncomfortable derailment with some trucks.
  16. Four Little Engines - Some awkward and rude trucks bump Sir Handel off the rails.
  17. Steam Roller - Sir Handel and George the Steamroller squabble during their race.
  18. Train Stops Play - Caroline the Car helps when Stepney disrupts a cricket match.