“Delivering ice-cream is really useful!”

Cheers for Thomas is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


It is a baking hot day on the Island of Sodor. Thomas is taking a big tank of raspberry syrup to the Ice-Cream Factory. Thomas wishes he was taking children to the seaside instead because he loves to hear them cheer when they see the sea. Meanwhile, down at the beach, the ice-cream lady has run out of ice-cream.

The factory manager is waiting for Thomas as he pulls up to the platform. The manager informs Thomas that he must collect some extra cream, chocolate and strawberries. Thomas is disappointed, but his driver tells him if they do the job quickly they might still have time to take some children to the seaside.

So, Thomas rushes to the dairy and then the farm. Shortly, Thomas arrives at the Chocolate Factory. The workmen load his trucks as quickly as they can, but Thomas is in too much of a rush and pulls away before the trucks' brakes can be released. A coupling hook breaks and cocoa flies everywhere.

When everything is cleaned up, Thomas chuffs slowly back to the ice-cream factory. The manager asks him to wait while they make the ice-cream so Thomas can take it straight to the beach. When Thomas pulls up at the seaside station, all the children cheer. Thomas is very pleased with his day's work after all.





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