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“It's the best Christmas tree I've ever seen!”

Christmas Tree Express is a magazine story, it was llustrated by using images from the CGI television series.


One day, Thomas steams past Rheneas and Toby with a Christmas tree. Rheneas likes the tree and wants one of his own; Christmas is not Christmas without a tree. Toby agrees to help Rheneas find one on Misty Island.

First they go through the Hollow Tree Tunnel which worries Toby; he has heard that Misty Island is quite scary. Next, Toby and Rheneas have to cross the Shake Shake Bridge. Toby steams across as fast as he can with his eyes firmly shut. He does not like the tall wobbly bridge at all. Rheneas encourages Toby to open his eyes, but Toby cannot. Then, he tries to be brave and slowly opens them. Before he knows it, he is safely over the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, Toby and Rheneas meet up with Bash, Dash and Ferdinand. Bash offers to take Toby and Rheneas to the best Christmas trees. Bash heads back over to the Shake Shake Bridge. Toby is unsure about following, but this time he bravely crosses with his eyes wide open. Once they have crossed, Rheneas and Toby are delighted to see many splendid trees. Rheneas chooses his favourite tree and his driver loads it onto Toby's flatbed. Then, Toby and Rheneas make their way back home to show their friends at the quarry the tree.

As Toby and Rheneas enter the Blue Mountain Quarry, they call out "Happy Holidays" to their friends. Toby is happy that he had not been too scared by Misty Island. Rusty and Skarloey both stop working to admire the Christmas tree. Rusty declares that it is the best Christmas tree he has ever seen!





  • The Hollow Tree Tunnel is called the Hollow Tree Trunk Tunnel. It is also suggested that the Hollow Tree Tunnel is not part of Misty Island and is said to be something they have to go through to get to Misty Island.


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