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“Deary me. I wish there was something we could do to make things better again."
"Yes, but what? We can't fix fallen trees.”
―Toby and Thomas

Clearing Up is a magazine story. The first part of this story is titled Hurricane!


There has been a terrible storm on Sodor. Many trees have been blown over and there is a great deal of clearing up to be done. Terence and Trevor are called to help and the Fat Controller has to cancel all trains until the lines are cleared of trees.

Thomas, Duck and Toby all work hard by bringing gangs of men to cut up the fallen trees that have been dragged off the line by Terence and Trevor. The trees are then cut up and loaded onto trucks. Thomas, Duck and Toby then take the trucks to the lumber yard and smaller bits of wood are to be burned on a bonfire.

All of the engines are very sad to see such devastation, but none more than Toby. It has taken many years for the trees to grow so tall and beautiful, and now they are gone. Toby wishes there was something they could do, but Thomas is not sure what; after all, fallen trees cannot be mended.

That evening, Toby puffs sadly into the yard where he meets the Fat Controller who asks why Toby is looking so glum. Toby explains that he is sad about the trees, but the Fat Controller tells him not to worry; he will sort something out.

Soon, the main line is clear and the Fat Controller opens it to trains again. Toby, Duck, Thomas, Trevor and Terence all go to work clearing up the branch lines. It is very hard work, but soon Thomas' Branch Line is re-opened. Thomas is delighted to be working with Annie and Clarabel again. Duck goes back to work at the yard and Toby collects Henrietta, thinking he is going to be sent back to the quarry. However, the Fat Controller has a surprise for Toby. He instructs the tram engine to take some trucks out.

In the yard, Toby finds the trucks and cannot believe his eyes; they are packed full of splendid young trees. Toby's job is to take the men out replacing trees along the lines. Toby thinks this is the best job he has ever had.





  • In the first illustration, Trevor's rear wheel is uncoloured and the top of his funnel is red.
  • In the sixth illustration, Duck's hand rails are missing.