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Cleo is a road engine who was built by Ruth out of locomotive parts, giving her an unusual appearance.


Thomas & Friends

Cleo was built by Ruth in her workshop. It was here that she first met Thomas and raced him to Knapford. During the trip, Ruth had to make several stops to drop off post and collect eggs from Farmer McColl, which caused Cleo to lose the race. She then decided to have a second race with Thomas to Wellsworth, this time going on the tracks so she could beat him. On the tracks, however, she was nearly hit by Gordon with the Express and only escaped narrowly.

Cleo later became worried when she encountered snow for the first time, though she soon began to enjoy herself once Ruth explained it to her. When the snow began to melt, she tried to save one of the snowmen at Dryaw, however it melted before she could find a way to refrigerate it. She then was treated to a surprise a few days later when Ruth created a fake snow machine for her.


Being newly-built, Cleo has very little experience. She can easily be confused or scared when faced with something she is unfamiliar with, such as when she first encountered snow. Cleo is also very excitable and enjoys racing Thomas, though this sometimes leads to trouble due to her inexperience. Cleo is very impressionable and curious, and she enjoys any chance to prove herself. Her relationship with Ruth is similar to a mother and child or siblings.

Technical Details


Cleo is not based on any known real life vehicle. However, she is inspired by the "Unique Futuristic Steam Train" - a concept designed by Ricardo Chamizo which can run on or off the rails.

In the show, Cleo is relatively the same size as a typical car while having an open air seat for Ruth to drive her. She can also elevate on a piston and rotate, giving her back-to-front steering. Cleo is also a front-engine vehicle, with her cargo storage being in her back.


Cleo is painted red with gold bands and black wheels. She also has numerous metallic fittings in her engine and across her exterior, while her interior has brown and red upholstery.


Official Description

From Official Website:[1]

Cleo: Cleo is Ruth's latest invention – a new road vehicle. Since she was created using locomotive parts, Cleo looks more like a steam engine than a car. Cleo is young, curious, and excitable. She loves to race and go fast, but she can also be dubious of new things.

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  • Cleo's engine reuses some of Theo's cogs.
  • On multiple occasions, Cleo has been shown as able to drive herself without Ruth's aid.
  • Cleo was the last named character to be introduced, meaning she was also the last character to have a CGI model.
  • Cleo is the only vehicle character introduced in the twenty-fourth series not to be a rail vehicle.
  • Cleo was the last character other than Thomas to be an episode's lead character in the original series.
  • Cleo was the only known vehicle character in the television series to be built either by another human character or on the Island of Sodor. As such, she holds the distinction of being the youngest character in the original series.
  • The front of Cleo's basis was inspired by the Chesapeake and Ohio L1 Hudsons.
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