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“I just wanted to save the snow from melting."
"Oh my sweet Cleo, I know it's hard but at least you saw how amazing snow is and enjoyed it while it lasted."
"I suppose so but... but... I'm going to miss it!”
―Cleo and Ruth

Cleo's First Snow is the twelfth episode of the twenty-fourth series.


One day, Cleo discovers snow for the first time. Although she is scared of this unfamiliar phenomenon at first, she begins to enjoy it more and more as she helps Ruth run errands. Eventually, Cleo saddened to learn snow does not last forever and tries to save a snowman melting. Unfortunately, she does not manage to find a suitable place to store it before it melts. A few days later, Ruth surprises Cleo with a new invention -- a machine that produces fake snow, thus allowing Cleo to enjoy the snow whenever she wants.




UK and AUS

US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Keith Wickham as Bertie and the Dairy Worker
  • Harriet Kershaw as Cleo
  • Dominique Moore as Ruth
  • Rachael Miller as Stephen Hatt, Bridget Hatt and the other Children


  • Going by production order, this is the nineteenth episode of the twenty-fourth series. It and Nia's Bright Idea were aired out of order in the UK to coincide with the holiday season. As a result, the audience likely would not be familiar with Ruth's Workshop, which officially debuts in Thomas and the Inventor's Workshop, or Cleo, who officially debuts in Cleo the Road Engine.
  • Ruth's snow machine is a repainted version of Mr. Bubbles' Bubble Machine.
  • This episode marks Bertie's last appearance in the CGI era, and is currently the final appearance of Bertie, Stephen and Bridget Hatt to date. The latter two are portrayed as generic children in this episode, however, and are voiced by Rachael Miller rather than Teresa Gallagher.
  • This episode is the last in the CGI Series to feature Thomas as the only one engine in it and the first of this case since the twenty-first series episode, Terence Breaks the Ice.
  • This is the last episode to feature an engine wearing a snowplow.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Italian La Prima Neve di Cleo
Spanish La Primera Nevada de Cleo

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