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―Madge spraying snow over a policeman

Cool Truckings is the twenty-second episode of the eleventh series.


Thomas has arrived at the Transfer Yards to collect some coal, but snow has blocked the line and Duncan is unable to shunt the coal trucks into place. Madge offers to take him to the other side of the yards and Duncan is winched up.

While driving through the countryside, Duncan complains that the journey is boring and Madge is too slow, so she speeds up and drives up a bumpy country lane. Duncan is delighted when Madge starts spraying snow everywhere, even more so when they approach the top of the hill and run down, but ice has covered the road ahead and Madge slips onto the edge of a cliff. Luckily, she is able to reverse back onto the road and they make it safely home.

That night, Madge arrives at the sheds to find Duncan has told the other engines and she sprays the delighted engines with snow.




  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1993 Disney film: Cool Runnings.
  • Going by production order, this is the sixth episode of the eleventh series.


  • One of the trees in the background changes after Madge leaves the Transfer Yards.
  • When Madge carries Duncan over the bumps, Duncan's cab roof comes off slightly.
  • When Madge bursts through the snow bank, there are trees on either side of her, but when she is dangling from the cliff, there is nothing there.
  • While on Madge, Duncan's siderods change position several times.
  • After Duncan pulls the coal trucks for Thomas, the second to last truck wobbles.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 凉爽的货车运输
Czech Ledová dráha
Danish Spor i sneen
Dutch Een briesje
Finnish Maantien Iloja
German Spaß auf der Straße
Hungarian Csúszós mulatságok
Japanese マージのゆきあそび
Norwegian Hjulspinn
Polish Wesoła Jazda
Romanian Manevre Cool
Russian Крутые грузовые вагончики
Slovenian Ľadová dráha
Spanish Caminos Divertidos / Transportes Chulos
Thai แมดช์เล่นสนุกบนทางหิมะ

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