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“Well you're tiny Thomas!”

Creaky Cranky is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


One sunny day, Thomas, James, and Henry are at the docks getting ready to take loads to a party. Henry and James set off and the boastful red engine laughs at Thomas for only having a light load to haul. Grumpy Cranky complains that he cannot go to a party and as he lifts his next load, he creaks loudly. Thomas calls Cranky "creaky". Cranky then calls Thomas tiny as the tank engine can only pull little loads. Thomas crossly steams off, determined to show Cranky that he is strong.

Thomas meets James and asks if he can take the heavy load. James agrees and Thomas heads back to the docks. Once there, Thomas challenges Cranky to lift the load and, despite creaking loudly, he does. Then Thomas fetches Henry's load and challenges Cranky to lift it. The crane does so, creaking more than ever. Thomas thinks of the heaviest thing he could and finally challenges Cranky to lift him. Cranky hooks Thomas and lifts him into the air as the crane's creaking turns into a cranking - his crane arm is broken. Thomas is stuck and it is all his fault.

The Fat Controller arrives and tells Thomas that he has caused confusion and delay. The loads are taken to the party and an engineer arrives to fix Cranky. Thomas apologises to Cranky for calling him creaky and Cranky apologises to Thomas who suggests they hold their own party at the docks. Cranky does not feel so cranky any more.





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