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Crewe is the location of Crewe Locomotive Works, a locomotive works that was once owned by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. It was built in 1840 by the Grand Junction Railway after the Industrial Revolution.

Crewe Locomotive Works is now owned by media mogul Pete Waterman, and is now named LNWR Heritage.


The Railway Series

Henry was taken to Crewe to be rebuilt after his accident with the Flying Kipper. [1]

While talking to the other engines, Henry mentioned that he met Bahamas at Crewe during his overhaul. [2]

In 1939, Gordon was taken to Crewe to be rebuilt.



  • One of the designers that used to work at Crewe was William Stanier, who was best known for designing locomotives, such as the Stanier 5MT Black 5's (The basis for Henry's rebuild) and the Duchess of Hamilton.
  • In the SEGA Mega Drive game Adventure Series, Crewe is incorrectly shown as a station on Sodor.


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