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The tunnel in the tenth series

Crosby Tunnel is a tunnel that is located west of Crosby, connecting said town with Knapford. It is one mile in length.


The Railway Series

Crosby Tunnel was cut by the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway (W&SR) in 1912 following the agreement made in that year to amalgamate with the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light Railway (TK&ER) to form the Tidmouth Wellsworth & Suddery Railway (TW&S). The tunnel, originally cut for a single line, was opened out for double track in 1915 when the North Western Railway took over the TW&SR.


The Railway Series

Thomas & Friends



  • The tunnel has gone through a few changes:
    • Series 6:
      • The tunnel had walls on the sides and the tracks were straight.
    • Series 10:
      • The walls were removed and the tracks are curved.