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Crovan's Gate Works, usually known simply as the Works, are where the railway engines and rolling stock are serviced, repaired or maintenanced. They are situated at Crovan's Gate, just east of the station.


In 1915 the North Western Railway established its repair shops at Crovan's Gate. Since 1925 these shops have been expanded as required till, with the decline of steam on the Mainland, the Works are now equipped with machinery and craftsmen able to tackle any type of steam locomotive overhaul or rebuilding that may be needed. Sir Topham Hatt has been looking into the possibility of manufacturing parts for engines on heritage railways.

Sometime during the 1930s, a fire occurred here, which destroyed the dossiers for Thomas, Edward and Henry.

Following Shane Dooiney's return from Switzerland in 1963, the Fat Controller saw to it that the Culdee Fell engines could be repaired here, ensuring expensive journeys overseas for the Culdee Fell locomotives are no longer necessary. In 1976, Jock's firebox, boiler, and cylinders were fabricated here; the rest of him was built at Arlesburgh Works. In 1996, Ivo Hugh was built here by the Skarloey Railway's Engineering Department.

The Works Diesel is known to work here and, according to Donald, other diesels also live here.[1]





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