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Culdee is a narrow gauge mountain-climbing engine named after Culdee Fell, the mountain his railway climbs. He has his own coach named Catherine.


Culdee was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland, and arrived on Sodor alongside the other four engines in time for the railway's inspection and opening. In March 1900, he was the first to be used in the test runs on the Culdee Fell Railway, pushing two coaches to the Summit. Following Godred's accident, Culdee and the three other engines worked the line successfully for 60 years. They were carefully maintained and sent back, in rotation, to the builders in Switzerland for overhaul.

By 1960, the four engines were ageing and the crunch came when it became apparent that both Culdee and Shane Dooiney would need heavy overhauls in the near future, so three new engines were ordered. When Lord Harry was delivered in March 1962, Culdee left for overhaul first instead of Shane Dooiney as he was the most run-down of the two. He arrived back on Sodor in May 1963, with Donald taking him back to the Culdee Fell Railway. While on his way, Culdee got to tell stories about his railway to some of the engines of the Skarloey Railway.[1]


Culdee is careful, cautious and friendly. He is filled with advice to give to the other engines, including unruly ones. Culdee is the sensible one of the Mountain Railway, and he often tries to tell difficult engines their faults and warns them what might happen. He and his coach, Catherine are a fine team, and favourites with passengers. But he does like a bit of excitement and tells great stories about the other engines, including the sad story about Godred's misfortune. [2]

Technical Details


Culdee is based on No. 4 Snowdon, an engine who works on the Snowdon Mountain Railway.


Culdee is painted in the Culdee Fell Railway's livery of purple with orange lining. His number (4) is painted on the sides and back of his cab in yellow and he has a red nameplate on the sides of his tanks with his name painted on them in gold.


Official Description

From Official Website:[1]

Culdee: Culdee is the sensible one of the Mountain Railway. He and his coach Catherine are a fine team, and are favourites with the passengers. But he does like a bit of excitement, and tells great stories about the other engines.

Historical Note: Culdee is based on a traditional mountain railway engine manufactured around the 1890's by the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Co., pioneers in mountain "track and pinion" railways.

From Official Media:[2]

Culdee: Culdee is a kind and gentle engine who works in the mountain area of Sodor. He is extremely conscious of safety, and relies on his coach Catherine to help navigate up the hills. He also scolds any other engines for being too rough or careless, as he knows the dangers the mountain can present.

Fun Fact: Culdee is named for the mountain he climbs, Culdee Fell.

From Official Website:[3]

Culdee: Culdee is a mountain engine named after Culdee Fell, the mountain he climbs. He is a responsible engine. Culdee has great respect for the dangers found on the mountain and relies on his trusted coach Catherine to help him travel safely.


  • Culdee's driver's name is Joe. [3]
  • Despite the fact that he has not made an appearance in the television series, Culdee is mentioned by a parent in an interview on the US VHS/DVD, 10 Years of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.
  • Culdee has buffers in some magazine stories and on his Take Along and Take-n-Play toys.
  • Culdee is the only Culdee Fell engine to have a Wooden Railway or Take Along/Take-n-Play model. He also has the most merchandise of any mountain engine.
  • In Sudric, "Culdee" translates as "Companion of God". The real life origin of the term comes from members of Christian monastic and eremitical communities of Ireland, Scotland, and England in the Middle Ages who were called "Culdees", which means "client/companion of God".
  • Like the other engines of the Culdee Fell Railway, Culdee has a face at each end.
    • However, the Korean versions of the book removed the rear faces.