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DC Super Friends™ Minis Mash Ups Origin Story!, also known as Thomas and his Hero Friends, is a promotional video made to promote the DC Super Friends theme for the Minis range.


Thomas dreams that he, Spencer and Diesel are super heroes while Diesel 10 and Millie are the super villains.





  • This video is made in the style of a DC comic book.
  • In this video, Teresa Gallagher voices Millie instead of Miranda Raison.
  • This is the only time the engines hear the narrator.
  • Rocky appears, despite not being produced in the Minis range yet.
  • The Narrator in the dream sequence is a nod to William Dozier, the producer and narrator of the 1966 Batman Television Series.


  • When Thomas, Spencer and Diesel arrive at the Steamworks, Thomas is missing his number.
  • When Diesel 10 and Millie are at the Sodor Jail, Diesel 10's right (viewer's left) wheel is separated.
  • Annie and Clarabel's names are not written on their sides.


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