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DVD Bingo is a DVD game released by Screen Life in 2007. Players can learn numbers, colours, and matching skills with their favourite characters whilst playing classic or new hamm bingo.



  • Various episodes and song clips from the seventh, eighth and ninth series plus the 2005 special, Calling All Engines! are used throughout the game.
  • George's large scale model can be seen in the game.
  • A model reference photo of Dennis can seen in the game.
  • Some of the engines' promo images are flipped but their names and/or numbers have been edited to read forwards.
  • The image used for Molly uses her prototype face.


  • Emily is missing her tender in the game.
  • Daisy is missing one of her buffers.
  • Salty, Rocky and Kelly's eyes are wonky.
  • Part of Max's dumper is missing.
  • Oliver has Sir Handel's funnel.
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