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“I'm not just any diesel, I'm unique: a most singular engine. I'm certainly not the same kind of diesel as you are!”
―Daisy boasts to Diesel[src]

Daisy is a green diesel railcar who came to work on the Ffarquhar Branch Line after Thomas crashed into the Stationmaster's house. In the television series, she now works on the Harwick Branch Line carrying out passenger duties, while Ryan runs the goods duties.


The Railway Series

Daisy was built especially for service on the Ffarquhar Branch Line. After Thomas was sent to the Works to have his bufferbeam repaired in 1960, Daisy arrived to do his work. Daisy was nasty to Henrietta, Annie and Clarabel, refused to sleep in the Ffarquhar engine sheds on the grounds that it was "smelly" and blatantly refused to pull freight because it was "bad for her swerves". Daisy later called Toby cowardly for having side plates and cowcatchers and claimed that one only needed to "toot and look them in the eye" to shoo animals away. This, of course, was proven false when Daisy tried to shoo an inquisitive bull named Champion and ended up being humiliated. The Fat Controller discovered that Daisy was lazing about and spoke to her sternly, saying that lazy engines were not welcome on his railway, but he gave her a second chance after Daisy helped clear up the mess made when Percy crashed into a train of stone. Daisy promised to change her ways.

In 1962, after Douglas claimed all diesels were "devils", Percy used Daisy as an example of a good diesel to try and change his opinions about them.

Once, Mavis sought Daisy's advice about how to show Toby that her method of doing things was correct. This was not exactly the best move, as Daisy knew next to nothing about trucks.

In the latter half of 1990 and the former half of 1991, Daisy was put in charge of Thomas' fast run to Knapford while Thomas was in York. Daisy later claimed that she was not afraid of snow, but changed her mind after getting stuck in a snowdrift for a week.

When Thomas finally returned from York, Daisy was given charge of a special train to bring guests to Knapford for the welcome-home party but was delayed after running over some cones left inside the crossing gates at Dryaw crossing. She only just made it in time.

In 1993, Daisy - along with Thomas, Percy and Toby - saw Wilbert off when he returned to Gloucestershire.

While the Railway was preparing for the Golden Jubilee of the Railway Series in 1995, Daisy became stranded on the Main Line when the stretch before Dryaw was declared unsafe as rabbits had burrowed beneath it and so she was given the task of ferrying passengers from the airfield to Knapford. She later tried to cheer Henry up when he started to worry about the Golden Jubilee.

In 2007, Daisy teased Percy for being afraid of grass snakes but was humiliated when she blew a fuse out of fright when a crate of eels dropped beneath her.

In 2011, Daisy attended the ceremony where the bust of the Thin Clergyman was unveiled at Tidmouth.

Thomas & Friends

Daisy's introduction in the television series was directly adapted from The Railway Series and happened virtually the same way. Her model was also used as a generic diesel in the fourth series.

During the steam and diesel engines rivalry, Daisy was one of the diesels who joined the meeting at the Coaling Plant and later helped Toby take the workmen to build the Sodor Airport.

When building of the Harwick Branch Line was completed, Daisy was transferred there to manage its passenger trains, with Ryan managing the goods. She encouraged Ryan to help her out with some of her passenger duties, but her laziness backfired when Ryan took on even more of her responsibilities and ended up causing confusion and delay. Daisy apologised and agreed to do Ryan's extra duties for a while: taking trucks to and from the Quarry.

The Fat Controller asked Daisy to take some special passengers to the holiday town of Harwick, but she decided that they were so special that she did not want to allow children eating ice lollies on board and refused to pull a dusty baggage truck. However, these turned out to be the props and the audience. Without them, the puppeteers' Punch and Judy puppet show could not go ahead. With no time to go back to the station to get the props, the puppeteers put on their performance from one of Daisy's windows.

She was finally able to pull rolling stock without worrying about her swerves when The Fat Controller asked her to pull Annie and Clarabel on Thomas' Branch Line, as passenger services on the Harwick line dried up in the winter and Thomas was on quarry duty. The coaches paid her back for saying rude things to them by convincing her she was falling apart when there was actually nothing wrong with her. However, their plan backfired as Daisy panicked and abandoned them with their passengers at Maithwaite so she could speak to a professional. She returned to Harwick soon after.

After years of scarcely no accidents, Daisy derailed when a bull blocked her way back to the Arlesburgh Yard Sheds and Judy and Jerome had to help her get back on the tracks.

Diesel damaged Daisy's springs when he bumped into her and later - thinking that she was asleep - explained that it is his way to make friends. Diesel later told her that Harvey was boasting about being unique, which caused trouble between the two engines. At Christmas, Daisy was upset that Christmas was not going out as planned.

Sometime later, a storm damaged the Harwick school and Daisy had to take them to Knapford school. She complained about it so Duck later found Dexter so she did not have to take the children.


Daisy is a diesel railcar, who has been known to consider herself "highly sprung and right up to date". She was brought to help run passenger services on Thomas' Branch Line, while Thomas was "indisposed" after running into the stationmaster's house. She can be hard to please, mostly indignant, and highly opinionated. She is extremely authoritative, trustworthy, and confident in herself and can sometimes boast of her abilities in particular situations, unconcerned, despite having never actually been in such a position before. She will sometimes presume she can show other engines a thing or two, despite knowing little on the matter, until she actually learns for herself.

After arriving on Sodor, Daisy insisted that she required delicate handling and considered pulling trucks and vans to be below her. She was very lazy and stubborn, but the Fat Controller spoke severely to her, telling her that his engines must work hard and that he sends lazy engines away. However, the Fat Controller felt she deserved another chance after she worked hard clearing up after an accident Percy had. Daisy is now good friends with the other engines on Thomas' Branch Line, tries to work much harder to be a Really Useful Engine and is better capable of handling things alone. She can be described as a self-obsessed diva and is also vain about not wanting her interior be dirty one bit.

Despite changing for the better, Daisy is still snarky and irritable. During the steam engines’ feud with the diesels, she temporarily sided with the diesels in their hatred of all of the steam engines. Generally, though, Daisy is one of the more well-behaved diesels, as aside from minor squabbles she gets along with the Ffarquhar branch line residents rather well.

In newer episodes, Daisy was heard speaking French, such as when she said "Merci beaucoup" (Thank you very much) to Den and Dart after she was repaired, and when she used the terms to describe the entertainers she was to carry to Duck and Oliver, which indicates that she has knowledge in the French language as well. She also matured greatly in a number of recent episodes, as she rarely made brooding remarks or patronizing comments, and instead began trying to help others. Despite her increased maturity, Daisy's snobbish side is still very prevalent, as she still belittled Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel on more than one occasion.

While Daisy is typically well aware of how things are supposed to be done on Sodor, her ego can leave her to cast out common sense in favor of selfish vanity, often to the utter fury of passengers, engines, and crew alike, especially when the manner in question can be done trivially. This can turn away people who have previously admired her, and often leads to reprimanding from others.

Technical Details


Daisy is based on the British Rail (BR)/Metro-Cammell Class 101/102 DMU. She is, however, a single railcar instead of the traditional two to four-piece units. These were one of the longest serving class of "First Generation" Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs), with its service life of 47 years only being replaced by the Class 121. A total of 41 cars are preserved. A preserved Class 101 set (#101680) appeared on a Mr. Perkins' Railway segment. Daisy was the namesake of #101685, which was the last of the class to be retired, and is now under preservation.


In The Railway Series, Daisy arrived on Sodor painted in the BR Brunswick green with yellow lining livery. The BR Cycling Lion crest is on her sides. This was the livery of BR DMUs in the 1960s.

In the television series she is painted in a much lighter shade of green. She wears makeup, including eyelashes, red lipstick, blush and blue eyeshadow.

In The Railway Series, Daisy's face is the same colour as her livery; in the television series, it is grey like all other engines.

Awdry's model of Daisy originally featured the standard BR DMU livery seen in Branch Line Engines, but yellow ends were later added to reflect the updated liveries that other DMUs had received later in the 1960s.


Thomas & Friends


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Magazine Stories

Daisy also appeared in the magazine stories, A Different Ride, Daisy's Day, Daisy and the Fish, Funnels and Tunnels, I Spy with my Little Eye, Letting off Steam!, Lorry Loads, Percy's Stories, Proud Percy!, Special Places and Stormy Weather.

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Official Description

From Official Website:[1]

Daisy: Daisy was built especially for service on Thomas' branch line. At first she was rather conceited, but she soon settled down. However, she still believes, quite rightly, that she should only carry passengers, and never, ever pulls trucks, although she will help out in an emergency.

Historical Note: Daisy is properly described as a diesel/mechanical single-car passenger unit, of a type built by Metro-Cammel.

From Official Website:[2]

Daisy: Daisy was built especially for service on Thomas' branch line. When she first arrived, she was highly strung and would only carry passengers because she felt she was too good to pull freight cars. Daisy soon learned that all work is important on Sodor, and now helps out whenever she can.

Fun Fact: Daisy was brought to the Railway after Thomas broke through the Stationmaster's house and "visited him" for breakfast.

From Official Website:[3]

Daisy: Daisy is a Diesel engine that was built especially for service on Thomas' branch line. When she first arrived, she was highly strung and would only carry passengers because she felt she was too good to pull cargo cars. Daisy soon learned that all work is important on Sodor, and now helps out whenever she can.

Fun Fact: Daisy was brought to the Railway after Thomas broke through the Stationmaster's house and "visited him" for breakfast. She is based on a diesel/mechanical single car passenger unit built by Metro-Cammel.


Audio Files


First used Last used Composers Theme Song
Series 2 Series 4 Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
To be added
Series 20 Series 24 Chris Renshaw To be added


In Series 2 only, Daisy reuses Diesel's horn, but at 1.5 steps higher-pitched.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 2 Series 2

In Series 4, Daisy reuses and shares BoCo's horn from Series 2, which is Diesel's horn, but at 1 step lower-pitched.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 4 Series 4
First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 20 Active


  • The real life Class 101 DMU 101685 is named Daisy.
  • In the television model series, Daisy and BoCo both share the same face casts and chassis.
  • Daisy was the first female engine introduced in the series and the first diesel to permanently move to the Island of Sodor, as Diesel was not purchased until much later (and never joined the railway permanently in the Railway Series).
  • Some of the stories involving Daisy reflect events in real life that were faced by railway staff when it came to dealing with "highly sprung" diesel engines in the earlier phases of dieselisation.
  • Daisy was the only character from the first to third series who was not featured on the regular Shining Time Station show, although she cameoed in Once Upon a Time and appeared in Mr, Conductor's Thomas Tales as well as Mister Moose's Fun Time and Storytime with Thomas.
  • Daisy's classic theme heard in the second and fourth series was inspired by The Stripper by David Rose. This was done to go along with the pink buffers on David Mitton's original design for the character.
  • Daisy was known as Marguerite in the French version of Series 2 and 4.
  • While Daisy has an embedded face in the Railway Series, she was given the traditional grey face masks in the television series. This was most likely to keep her similar to the rest of the engines. Also, it would have been a lot easier to create.
  • Daisy's television series model is currently on display at Drayton Manor Theme Park and is wearing her smiling face.
  • Daisy was originally going to have pink buffers before they were changed to white.
  • Daisy's original horn sound from the second series was later reused for Mavis in the seventh series.
  • Daisy's horn sound from the fourth series is reused from BoCo's original from the second to fifth series.
  • According to HiT Toy Company Customer Service Representative Amy Ziniti, the reason why Daisy did not have a TrackMaster model was due to the company not deciding on as to whether she should have trucks or not, as she never pulled any in the TV series.
  • Daisy has had three different horn sounds over some years:
    • In Series 2, she shared the same horn sound as Diesel, but in a higher pitch.
    • In Series 4, she shared BoCo's horn sound from Series 2, which is also Diesel's horn, but at a lower pitch.
    • In Series 20 onwards, she uses a new horn sound.
  • Daisy is one of the few characters from the classic series to not get a Capsule Plarail model, along with Derek, 'Arry, Bert, Bertram, Old Slow Coach and the Horrid Lorries.


Daisy was hard to please. She shuddered at the engine shed.
This is dreadfully smelly!"
she announced. "I'm highly sprung and anything smelly is bad for my swerves!"
Next, they tried the carriage shed.
"This is better",
said Daisy. "But whatever is that rubbish?!"
The rubbish turned out to be Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta, who were most offended.
"We won't stay here to be insulted!"
they fumed.
―Daisy insults the coaches, "Daisy", "Branch Line Engines"
The Fat Controller spoke severely to Daisy too.
"My engines work hard. I send lazy engines away!"
Daisy was ashamed.
"However, Toby says you worked hard after Percy's accident. So you shall have another chance!"
"Thank you, sir!
" said Daisy. "I will work hard, sir. Toby says he'll help me."
"Excellent! What Toby doesn't know about Branch Line problems isn't worth knowing. Our Toby is an experienced engine!”
―Sir Topham Hatt and Daisy, "Percy's Predicament", "Branch Line Engines"
At Ffarquhar Mavis met Daisy.
"Toby's an old fusspot!"
she complained.
Daisy liked Toby, but was glad of a diesel to talk to. "Steam engines", she said. "Have their uses, but they don't understand."
"Toby says that only steam engines can manage trucks properly!"
"What rubbish!"
put in Daisy, who knew nothing about trucks. "Depend upon it my dear, anything steam engines can do, we diesels can do better!"”
―Daisy gives Mavis advice, "Mavis", "Tramway Engines"


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