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Daisy/Percy's Predicament/Woolly Bear is the thirteenth Ladybird book, based on the second series episodes Daisy, Percy's Predicament and Woolly Bear. It is illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas is being mended after visiting a stationmaster for breakfast, and a diesel railcar called Daisy comes to help out. She is soon found to be lazy, stubborn, and rude. When she leaves the milk tanker behind again, Toby and Percy swap jobs, but Percy cannot handle the unruly trucks and thanks to them, he has quite a predicament in the yard. After both Thomas and Percy return, Thomas complains about Percy's timing due to his working in the hay, and due to an accident with some treacle, Percy arrives later than ever covered in hay. For a long time afterwards, Thomas and Toby tease Percy, calling him a 'woolly bear'.



  • Photographs from Daisy, Percy's Predicament, Woolly Bear, and Thomas, Percy and the Coal are used.
  • A cassette tape narrated by Ringo Starr was included with some releases of the book.


  • Woolly is misspelled as "Wooly" on the cassette cover.