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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the diesel railcar, the halt, the Story Library book, the VHS, the Slovenian DVD or the magazine story.

“Do they expect me to pull that?!”
―Daisy refusing to pull the milk tanker

Daisy is the nineteenth episode of the second series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book Branch Line Engines.


Percy and Toby arrive at the station feeling worried for Thomas after he had been sent to be repaired following his recent accident. The Fat Controller waits for them in order to introduce Daisy, the diesel railcar who will help run the branch line while Thomas is away. Percy asks if she will leave after Thomas returns and the Fat Controller responds that it depends on her performance. Regardless, he expects Percy and Toby to welcome her and help her settle in. The two engines happily agree, so they start by taking Daisy to the engine shed for a rest.

Arriving at the engine shed, Daisy snobbishly tells Percy and Toby that she thinks the shed is "dreadfully smelly" and states that anything smelly is "bad for her swerves." This makes Percy and Toby cross, but the two carry on and take her to the carriage shed. Daisy prefers it, but asks what the "rubbish" is next to her. The "rubbish" she is referring to is Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta, whom are greatly offended by this, and refuse to stay where they're insulted. Percy and Toby are forced to take them out of the shed and stay up half the night trying to soothe their hurt feelings.

Percy and Toby end up feeling exhausted the next morning, while Daisy wakes up feeling full of energy as she goes to the station to take her first set of passengers. Arriving, she starts to show off to woo them. Her attitude, however, changes when she sees Toby coupling a milk tanker to her. Enraged, Daisy refuses to take it and, despite her driver's arguments, violently shudders, lurches backwards and blows a fuse. Everyone at the station argues with her, but to no avail. Daisy explains that her fitter ordered her to never take any trucks because she is highly sprung and pulling is bad for her swerves. No one at the station believes her excuse and start to wonder why the Fat Controller brought an engine with such an attitude to the Island. With everyone now late, the crew is left with no choice but to leave the milk tanker behind and allow Daisy to enjoy her journey taking only the passengers. As she runs, Daisy chuckles at how well her story worked and decides that she will do only the work she wants to do. But she says it to herself.





  • When Daisy leaves the station, she has no driver until she reaches the engine shed.
  • When Percy, Toby, and Daisy leave the station, Toby's eyes jerk to the right.
  • Percy and Toby are smiling when Daisy insults Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta.
  • The carriage shed is right next to the engine shed, but the engines leave in one direction and arrive from another.
  • When Daisy says the carriage shed is better, her face is slightly tilted.
  • When the passengers say, "What is?" and also when they grumble, "Stop arguing! We're late already!", Mrs. Kyndley is smiling.
  • When Toby, Percy, and Daisy leave the freight shed, a truck is seen in the siding to Daisy's left, but when they arrive at the carriage shed, it disappears.
  • As Toby comes to take Henrietta away, Percy's steam suddenly disappears and the lighting changes slightly, thus indicating a film cut.
  • Percy's face is crooked when he is sleeping.
  • When Daisy leaves the carriage shed and backs into the station, her eyes jump around.
  • Most of the small-scale railway staff figurines have severe paint chips.
  • When Daisy shudders, a hand is reflected in her cab window.
  • In some shots of the passengers on the platform, pieces of blu-tack can be seen on their shoes.
  • Daisy's eye mechanism is visible through her front windows.
  • Both dubs say a milk van is coupled behind Daisy, but a milk tanker is shown instead. This is likely a result of the episode's script being taken almost verbatim from the book.
  • When the milk tanker is uncoupled, a few wires are seen behind Daisy's door.
  • Before Percy, Toby and Daisy arrive at the engine shed, a utility wagon shown there is derailed.
  • Percy's left (viewers' right) cylinder is loose.
  • At the start, Toby's eyes are misaligned and jitter a couple times.
  • Daisy's fitter's overalls are not fully painted on his back, when discussing about him.


  • The Fat Controller: Here is Daisy, the diesel railcar who has come to help while Thomas is, er, indisposed.
  • Percy: UK dub: Please, sir, will she go, sir, when Thomas comes back, sir? / US dub: Please, sir, will she go when Thomas comes back, sir?
  • The Fat Controller: That depends. Meanwhile, however long she stays, I hope you will both make her welcome comfortable.
  • Percy and Toby: Yes, sir! We'll try, sir!
  • The Fat Controller: Good. Run along now and show her the shed. She will want to rest after her journey.


  • Daisy: [about the engine shed] This is dreadfully smelly. I'm highly sprung, and anything smelly is bad for my swerves.


  • Daisy: [arrives at the station] Look at me! I am the latest diesel, highly sprung, and right up to date. You won't want Thomas' bumpy old Annie and Clarabel now.
[the passengers begin waiting for Daisy to start, but she doesn't, as she finds a milk tanker being coupled to her]
  • Daisy: Do they expect me to pull that?!
  • Daisy's Driver: Surely. You can pull one van.
  • Daisy: I won't! Percy can do it! He loves messing about with trucks.
[she shudders violently]
  • Daisy's driver: Nonsense! Come on, now. Back down.
[Daisy furiously lurches in reverse and stops]
  • Daisy: Told you!
[the passengers argue with Daisy, but it is no good]
  • Daisy: It's fitter's orders!
  • The passengers: What is?
  • Daisy: My fitter's a very nice man. He comes every week and examines me carefully. "Daisy" he says, "Never, never pull. You're highly sprung and pulling is bad for your swerves." So that's how it is.
  • The stationmaster: Stuff and nonsense!
  • The shunter: I can't understand. Whatever made the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt send us such a feeble...?
  • Daisy: Feeble? FEEBLE?! Let me-!
  • The passengers: Stop arguing! We're late already!
[the milk tanker is uncoupled, and Daisy finally pulls out of the station, very pleased]
  • Daisy: [chuckles; saying it to herself] That's a good story. I'll do just what work I choose and no more.


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Daisy
Chinese Mandarin 黛西
Croatian Zlatica
Czech Daisy
Danish Her kommer Daisy
Dutch Daisy
Finnish Päivikki
French Daisy
German Daisy
Greek Καλωσόρισες, Νταίζη
Hebrew דייזי
Hungarian Százszorszép
Italian La locomotiva capricciosa
Japanese きむずかしやのデイジー
Korean 데이지
Latin American Spanish Daisy
Norwegian Daisy
Polish Dorotka
Romanian Daisy
Russian Дэйзи
Serbian Dejzi
Slovenian Suzi
Swedish Daisy
Turkish Daisy
Ukrainian Дейзі
Welsh Daisy

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