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Dame Bella Canto is a famous Italian opera singer.


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Dame Bella Canto was having a concert and was to be taken by Gina. However, Lorenzo came with a larger coach instead of Beppe (who was instead partnered with Gina) a few seconds after she arrived, leading the singer to take the larger wagon while Gina and Beppe took the orchestra. Lorenzo eventually got lost, and after they were found by Gina and Beppe, they apologized to the coach for neglecting him due to his size. The concert was soon a hit.


Due to her status as a soloist, Dame Bella Canto oftentimes sees herself as above everyone else and can be quite inconsiderate towards others she deems 'below her'. Additionally, she prefers to do things alone and will often push others away. She always expects the grandest of treatment. Despite this, she is still looked up to by many due to her operatic talents and does occasionally show a softer side, such as when she regretted leaving behind her orchestra.


Dame Bella Canto wears a red dress with gold buttons and trim, a red floral pattern and a bouquet of roses around the top.


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