Danger at the Docks is a UK DVD release featuring one nineteenth series episode and six twenty-first series episodes.


Sky-high adventures, as Sodor welcomes Carly!

When Thomas innocently mentions that a new, shiny crane is set to arrive on Sodor, Cranky worries that he will be replaced. His fears increase with the arrival of Carly, the new crane, who is eager to begin work! Cranky tries his best not to be... cranky! But soon the two cranes are trying to outdo each other, until a tangle of hooks leads them to realise that working together is always best. Meanwhile, there is more crane trouble for Harvey, plus Philip discovers the meaning of his number 68 and Diesel's new friendship gets off to a bumpy start!


  1. Cranky at the End of the Line
  2. New Crane on the Dock
  3. Stuck in Gear
  4. A Most Singular Engine
  5. Springtime for Diesel
  6. Den and Dart
  7. Philip's Number

Bonus Features


  • This is the first UK DVD not to feature any adverts since the 2012 re-release of The Complete Series 7.


  • In the episode and bonus features selections, Cranky is missing his crane arm.


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