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Dar es Salaam Docks is located at Dar es Salaam, a major port city in Tanzania in Eastern Africa. Kobe is based here. During his around-the-world trip, Thomas visited the port and attempted to catch up with Ace. It was here that he and Nia met Kwaku, who informed them that Ace had already passed through the port and been loaded onto a ship.

Sir Topham Hatt later came to the port on his search for Thomas and was informed by Kobe that he had been loaded onto a ship bound for Guanabara Bay.





  • The track layout for Dar es Salaam Docks is reused from Knapford station yard.
  • Dar es Salaam means "The house of peace" in arabic.
  • Big Mickey's faceless model is reused as a background crane.
  • Lucinda's real-life basis, Imara, originally worked here before being purchased by the British Royal Navy in 1932.


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