Darcy is a tunnel-boring machine who works for the Sodor Construction Company. She is the newest member of the team.


Thomas & Friends

Darcy arrived at Brendam Docks and was delivered to the site by Nia, but her clumsiness was found to be detracting by James and the Pack, especially since the latter were expecting a different machine. She soon amazed everyone with her skills when her time came.

Later, she helped to rescue Monty when he fell down one of the old Lead Mines the Pack were working at.


Darcy is clumsy, but well-meaning, always doing her best even if others do not believe in her. She can feel distant at times, but good support always brings her back in the end. Additionally, Darcy is very knowledgeable about tunnel boring, and takes her work very seriously, as shown when she warned Monty about the unstable ground above the old mineshafts.

Technical Details


Darcy is based on a Roadheader EBZ-200 tunnel boring machine with an added cab. Alternatively, she could be based on the design with a similarly shaped, albeit smaller cab.


Darcy is painted yellow all over, with a red stripe along the bottom of her cab and a turquoise blue stripe above. Her visor frame is brown and she has a chrome stepladder.



  • Darcy is one of two vehicles in the Pack who does not have a number, the other being Buster.
  • She is the second vehicle character in the television series with eyewear after Whiff.
  • She is the only member of the Pack with prominent eyelashes.
  • Darcy travels faster in the television series than her basis is capable of in real life.
  • Darcy is the final character to be created during Andrew Brenner's tenure as head writer. She was also the final Pack member introduced.


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