Davey Moore (born 28 January 1972) is an English scriptwriter and development executive. He is an episode writer for Thomas & Friends. He has worked on the series since 2011.

He has written a total of thirty-eight episodes for Thomas & Friends; six for the seventeenth series, seven for the eighteenth series, five for the nineteenth series, six for the twentieth series, five for the twenty-first and nine for the twenty-second series, as well as seven episodes and one double-length for the twenty-third series. He also wrote the Thomas Around the World segments.

Other credits include "Chuggington", "Postman Pat", "Dennis and Gnasher", and many more.

Episodes Written

Series 17

Series 18

Series 19

Series 20

Series 21

Series 22

Series 23


  • According to an interview, two of his favourite live-action episodes are Thomas' Train and Rusty and the Boulder. Luke's New Friend is one of his favourite written episodes as it was his first.

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