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David Stoten (born in Luton, Bedfordshire) is a former director for Thomas & Friends at Arc Productions & Jam Filled Toronto. He directed ten episodes for the eighteenth series, co-directed three episodes for the nineteenth series, and directed four feature-length specials. Under Mattel Television, he became the head writer for the twenty-fourth series and Steam Team to the Rescue succeeding Andrew Brenner


Stoten worked as a storyboard artist on many British television shows such as Spitting ImageCharlie and Lola, Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet and on feature films like Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Mr Bean's Holiday (working on the latter as the Lead Storyboard Artist) and Gnomeo and Juliet. Stoten also worked as a caricaturist on Newzoids.

Brought up in England, Stoten emigrated to Toronto, Canada to become Creative Development Lead at 'Starz Animation' in 2010, and maintaining his position after the company renamed itself to 'Arc Productions' from April 2011 to August 2016. During his time at Arc Productions, he began working on Thomas & Friends as a storyboard artist for the eighteenth series and Tale of the Brave, whilst directing ten episodes for the former. He then co-directed three episodes for the nineteenth series but became the sole director for the feature-length specials, Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and The Great Race.

When Arc Productions went bust and was bought out by Jam Filled Entertainment in August 2016, Stoten did not retain his position as Creative Development Lead but continued to work for the company, Jam Filled Toronto, under the new administration. He ceased directing episodes from the twentieth series-onwards, but carried on his directing duties for the specials, Journey Beyond Sodor and Big World! Big Adventures!.  

In 2018, Stoten left Jam Filled Toronto to emigrate back to the UK to work for Mattel Television. Still keen to work on Thomas & Friends, Stoten became the new head writer for the twenty-fourth series, succeeding Andrew Brenner and beginning with Steam Team to the Rescue. In his position, he wrote three episodes for the twenty-fourth series.




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