“That dent looks like Thomas' work to me, it's just about buffer height!"
"But look, one dent each, at least he shares things out!”
―Bertie and Caroline

Dents All Round! is a magazine story.


One morning, Thomas is shunting when the Fat Controller rushes into the yard in his car. The Fat Controller tells Thomas that he is needed to pull the fish train. Thomas is not happy; he does not like fish. Thomas rushes out of the yard and catches the wing of the Fat Controller's car. The Fat Controller examines the dent and decides to take it to the railway works.

Thomas picks up the fish and races along the line. He approaches a hump-back bridge and sees Bertie travelling over it. Thomas whistles to his friend and Bertie speeds up, startled. Unfortunately, Bertie collides with Caroline just over the hump. Bertie's driver blames Thomas for the crash and Caroline's driver agrees that as the accident was caused by the railway, they should go to the railway works.

When they arrive at the railway works, Bertie spots the Fat Controller's dented car. Bertie can see the dent is at buffer height and must also be Thomas' doing.

In the afternoon, Thomas has a delivery for the fishmonger near the works and offloads it at the fishmonger's loading bay. Thomas is surprised to see all the road vehicles at the railway works. Just then, a lorry reverses quickly up to the works with some sheet metal. Suddenly, the lorry hits the roof overhang causing loose bricks and cement to crash down on Thomas. The tank engine is not happy to now be the next vehicle in repair bay four at the works.




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