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Dexter is an old brake coach. He was abandoned on an overgrown siding, until he was rediscovered by Duck and restored as a classroom.


Thomas & Friends

Years ago, Dexter was dumped in an old shunting yard after his axles broke. One autumn, a fierce storm destroyed the school at Harwick, which required Daisy to take its students to Knapford, much to her displeasure. Duck offered to take the children instead, but he needed a coach. His search for one led him to Dexter's yard, where Dexter asked him to try and use him again despite his decrepit condition. Duck agreed but when he tried to move Dexter his wheels broke. Duck returned with Judy and Jerome and took him to Harwick Station, where the children restored him to become their new classroom.


Dexter is a coach that is just as much optimistic as he is colourful. Even though he was left in a siding for being out of use and in poor condition, he kept a positive outlook on his situation.

Technical Details


Dexter is based on an LB&SCR Stroudley four-wheeled brake coach. Clarabel and a number of faceless coaches are also based on this type of coach.


Dexter is painted blue with yellow ends and a red roof. His side is decorated with various drawings, including ones of himself, Duck and Thomas. A tuba filled with roses also lays against him. Before being restored, Dexter was painted dark red with a black roof, and was completely soiled with grime and overgrowth.



  • He is Mark Moraghan's only non-human character role.
  • Dexter has yet to have any form of merchandise.
  • Dexter is the last character to be created by Lee Pressman before he left the production team.
  • Dexter‘s role in the series is similar to Old Slow Coach and the Play Coach.
  • In the Finnish dub, Dexter's name is Tero, which is also Terence's name in that dub.
  • He is the third and last character to be voiced by a narrator, after Diesel and Mr. Bubbles throughout the thirteenth-sixteenth series voiced by Michael Brandon.
  • According to the Amazon Prime description of his episode, Dexter was formerly a dining coach.[1]


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