“Oh dear, oh dear! I feel very ill!”

Diesel's Christmas is a magazine story. The second half of this story is called The Party.


It is Christmas Eve and the engines are busy with passengers and goods in the snow. Bill and Ben are clearing the snow while Bertie is driving carefully on the icy roads and Harold is visiting people who were cut off by the snow. But Diesel is not busy as he is not needed for the day. However, Diesel does not want to stay in his shed. As his driver is finishing his Christmas shopping, he comes up with a plan.

When his driver returns, Diesel tells him that James has broken down and they must rescue him. Diesel made the story up, but his driver believes it. As soon as he is out of the shed, Diesel falls ill because of the cold weather, so his driver stops him.

Then, James comes to his rescue, but he cannot take him all the way back to the main station, as he has lots of trucks to pull. So James shunts Diesel into a siding. Diesel is cold and all alone and wishes he was back in his warm shed.




  • Diesel's traction rods are missing in two illustrations.


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