“You'll crash in the ditch if you travel too fast."
"That pothole! It doesn't scare me! If you weren't so nervous, I'd go speedily!”
―Mavis and Diesel

Diesel's Ditch is a rhyming magazine story.


It is an icy day on Sodor and there is snow in the air. Mavis comes down a steep slope and approaches a sharp bend. A sign warns approaching engines to go slow. As she carefully rolls around the bend, she spots a long and wide ditch beside the line. Then, Diesel roars up behind and tells her to get a move on. Mavis warns Diesel that he will end up in the ditch if he does not take more care, but Diesel takes no notice.

The next time Diesel approaches the sharp bend, a deep freeze has left snow and ice everywhere. Diesel races down the slope and his wheels leave the track. He rolls down the bank and into the ditch, landing on his roof. Luckily, the snow breaks his fall.

Mavis arrives and lets Diesel know that the accident had been all his own fault. As Diesel is lifted out of the ditch by a crane, he promises not to be so foolish in future.