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“Hooray for Diesel! Now we won't be wet! Hip, hip, hooray for Diesel!"
"Well done Diesel!”
―The schoolchildren

Diesel's Special Delivery is the seventh episode of the fourteenth series.


It is market day on Sodor and all the engines are taking fruit and vegetables to market. All except Diesel, who is taking slate to the school because the school's roof is broken, and rain had been forecast. At Maithwaite, Diesel sees a group of children clapping and cheering for James because he is pulling a special special - Farmer Trotter's piglets. Diesel, who wants to be clapped and cheered for as well, follows James. Then Diesel meets up with Thomas, who is taking shiny apples to the market. Diesel thinks that the apples are just as good as James' piglets, so he offers to take Thomas' load to market, leaving his slates in a siding. Diesel catches up with James at Maron station. Once again, children are clapping and cheering at James and no one claps for Diesel.

Later, Diesel meets up with Rosie at a signal. Rosie is pulling a flatbed of colourful flowers to market. Diesel thinks that the flowers are just as good as the piglets and offers to take the flowers. Rosie agrees and Diesel sets off with both the flowers and the apples. Next, Diesel spots James at a crossing. Stephen, Bridget and another child clap and cheer for him and his piglets. Once again, no-one claps and cheers for Diesel.

On the way back from market, Diesel passes Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm, where he spies James' van of piglets. Diesel steals the truck and takes it to show the children at the school. When he arrives at the school, the children do not clap and cheer. They are standing in the rain and are getting wet. Diesel realises his mistake and after the Fat Controller scolds him, he sets off to put everything right.

Diesel takes the piglets back to Farmer Trotter's and apologises. Then, he collects the slate truck from the siding and hurries back to the school. At the school, the children are delighted to see Diesel. They shout hooray, clap and cheer for him.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

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  • Going by production order, this is the eighth episode of the fourteenth series.
  • This episode has a similarly to the tenth series episode, Percy and the Funfair.
  • Edited stock footage from The Lion of Sodor is used.
  • This episode marks the first for two things:
    • The first time since the sixth series episode, The World's Strongest Engine that Diesel has been the main character in an episode.
    • The first episode to feature Teresa Gallagher as Stephen Hatt in the UK dub.
  • This is the last episode for a few things as well:
    • The last episode where Bridget Hatt and Stephen Hatt are voiced by Jules de Jongh and William Hope in the US dub. This also marks their last speaking appearances until the nineteenth series episode, Henry Spots Trouble.
    • The last episode involving the concept of Market Day.
  • Teresa Gallagher joins the US voice cast.
  • In the Japanese dub, Farmer Trotter gains lines as Diesel takes away the truck of pigs.


  • The narrator describes James' cattle truck as a flatbed.
  • When Diesel leaves the school with the piglets, he is not coupled to the truck and he is pushing it. In the next shot, however, he is seen pulling it.
  • When Diesel stops in front of Maithwaite, his front left wheel is missing.
  • Diesel is said to be coupled up to the piglets' truck, but he just buffers up and pushes it away.
  • Throughout the episode, the piglets are depicted as fully grown pigs.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A Entrega Especial de Diesel
Catalan L'Encàrrec Especial d'en Diesel
Chinese Mandarin 迪塞尔的特别任务
Czech Dieselová Lokomotiva a Mimořádna Zasílka
Danish Diesels Særleverance
Finnish Dieselin Erikoiskuljetus
French Diesel a soif de gloire
German Diesel ist neidisch
Greek Η Ξεχωριστη Παραδοση του Ντιζελ
Hungarian Dízel Különleges Szállítmánya
Indonesian Kiriman Istimewa Diesel
Italian Il Trasporto Speciale di Diesel
Japanese ディーゼルのとくべつなにもつ
Korean 디젤의 깨달음
Latin American Spanish La Entrega Especial de Diesel
Norwegian Diesels Spesiallevering
Polish Specjalna Przesyłka Diesla
Romanian Livrarea Specială a lui Diesel
Russian Ура! Дизелю
Slovenian Dizlova Posebna Dostava
Swedish Diesels Speciella Leverans
Welsh Diwrnod Hapus Diesel yn

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