Diesel 10 Means Trouble is a book based on Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


Diesel 10 causes trouble for Thomas, Mr. Conductor, and their friends. Thomas goes to find Lady and brings her back to help Mr. Conductor get his magic gold dust back.



  • This book keeps to the original script in four ways.
    • In one illustration, Pinchy can be seen emerging from under Diesel 10's roof.
    • Diesel 10 is a new engine sent to help while Sir Topham Hatt was away.
    • Mr. Conductor is sleeping in a hammock instead of a bed.
    • Diesel 10 plans to destroy all the buffers on the Island to find the magic ones.
  • This book was included on the US DVD release of Calling All Engines! as a read along bonus feature, narrated by Robin Smith.
  • The book's cover is based on a promo picture for the movie.


  • The express coaches in the first illustration do not have any doors.
  • James' splasher is not coloured black.
  • Toby's funnel is missing.
  • Diesel 10 loses a wheel when he falls.
  • In the last illustration, Gordon's funnel is too tall.
  • Lady is missing a connecting rod, and in four illustrations, her connecting rod is incorrectly placed in her crosshead.


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