Diesel 5705 is a green mixed-traffic diesel engine. He has a brother named BoCo.



When Bill and Ben's nameplates have been removed to be cleaned, the twins pretended they were each other. BoCo got confused, but got back at Bill and Ben by pretending to be his twin, Diesel 5705, who he named CoBo. [1]

Technical Details


Diesel 5705 is based on the real British Rail (BR) Class 28 Co-Bo diesel-electric engine of the same number. While all the other Class 28s were withdrawn and scrapped, Diesel 5705 survived by a historical accident as a technical services engine and then carriage heating unit TDB968006 before being preserved in 1980. The Class 15 Preservation Society has signed an agreement with the owners of Diesel 5705 to become its custodians during its restoration and operation for the next decade, although funding will remain separate. Diesel 5705 is currently preserved and under restoration at the East Lancashire Railway.


Diesel 5705 is painted in the British Railways livery of Brunswick green with yellow warning panels on his front and back end. His number (D5705) is painted on the left side of his cab in white.


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