“Careful, James! You know what we engines say, 'Coughs and sneezles spread diseasels'!”

Diesel Day! is a magazine story.


James is having a sneezing fit at the station. Thomas reminds James that "coughs and sneezles spread diseasels". No sooner had James sneezed than Diesel oiled into the station. Then BoCo, Mavis, Daisy, The Diesel and Diesel 199 all arrive. Thomas is cross as he thinks that James has caused all the diesels to arrive. The Fat Controller tells the engines that it's "Diesel Day" at the station where people can admire the diesels. Thomas tells them that the thought of a "Diesel Day" makes him feel ill, so he calls it "Diseasel Day".




  • Diesel 199's buffers and coupling are conjoined to his face.
  • Mavis is incorrectly emitting steam from her exhaust pipe.


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