Diesel Display is a magazine story.


A steam fête is being held on Sodor, and Edward is helping out. During the course of the day, some of his steam powered friends run into trouble, and Edward goes out on his way to help them. The fete is a success and The Fat Controller gives Edward the day off for his hard work. This annoys Diesel, as he and the rest of the Diesels have been hard at work whilst the steam engines were busy, and even the friendlier Diesels are annoyed. Edward has another idea, and with the Fat Controller's permission, a special "Diesel Display" is held the next day, which is also a success.



  • Diesel and Mavis are grey instead of black.
  • In the final illustration, Diesel is out of scale.
  • Fergus' buffer housings are red when they should be black. His buffers are black when they should be bronze. What's more, his wheel flanges are black when they too should be bronze.
  • George's smoke box is grey instead of black.


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