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“No, I'm not! I'm rough and I'm tough and I'm..."
"So sweet! Awww! Who's a little fluffy ducky, then? So cute and fluffy-wuffy!”
―Diesel, Bert and 'Arry

Diesel and the Ducklings is the fourth episode of the twentieth series.


One early morning, Thomas pulls into Brendam Docks and greets Salty and Cranky. Unfortunately, Diesel is not feeling quite so friendly, and he bashes Thomas forward. Diesel thinks that all diesel engines should be rough and tough, calling Salty a "softie" when he disagrees.

Later, Thomas whistles hello to Percy, who is having a wash before he starts work. Diesel then pushes Percy forward too, and takes his place at the washdown. Thomas tells Diesel that he should be nice if he wants to make friends, but Diesel replies that his friends, 'Arry and Bert, already like him because he is rough and tough.

Later that day, Thomas is still thinking about Diesel when he sees him parked up ahead, talking softly to some ducklings. Thomas is surprised: he has never seen Diesel being so sweet and gentle before. Thomas cannot wait to tell the other engines how much of a softie Diesel is being, but Diesel begs Thomas not to tell in case the engines laugh at him. So Thomas promises not to tell as long as Diesel keeps being friendly towards the other engines.

Diesel tries hard to act friendly, and greets each engine as they pass by, much to their confusion. At Knapford, Diesel greets Edward a good morning, when he notices 'Arry and Bert watching him. Not wanting his tough reputation to be spoilt, Diesel quickly begins to make fun of Emily, which makes 'Arry and Bert chuckle. Thomas then pulls up behind Diesel and reminds him of his promise by making quacking noises. So Diesel apologises to Emily and quickly hurries away.

But Diesel cannot help returning to his old ways. He rolls slowly along in front of James and Gordon, which makes them cross. Thomas again reminds Diesel of his promise by making quacking noises at him, so Diesel reluctantly lets James and Gordon through. Later, Diesel biffs and bashes trucks in front of 'Arry and Bert, declaring that he is rough and tough. Thomas once again quacks at Diesel, but Diesel has had enough of trying to be nice. So Thomas cheekily tells 'Arry and Bert to follow him, and they set off towards the ducklings, with Diesel behind.

Diesel begs Thomas not to tell, but Thomas reminds Diesel that he has broken his part of their agreement. As the engines approach the duck pond, Diesel sees the duck family crossing Thomas' line, and calls out to Thomas to stop. Thomas screeches to a halt just in time, and the ducks continue crossing. Thomas praises Diesel for being a hero and a softie. Diesel declares that he is not a softie, but then 'Arry and Bert begin to make a fuss over the ducklings just like Diesel had. Thomas realises that all three of the diesels are big softies at heart when it comes to ducklings.





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  • A shadow appears for a brief second near the ducklings as Diesel notices them, but none of the engines were close enough to emit a shadow near them.
  • In a close-up of Gordon, he is on top of his hill; in the next shot, he, James and Diesel are at the bottom.


  • Thomas (when he blackmails Diesel): Quack, quack, quack!
  • Diesel: Hard as nails, always gruff, a diesel should be rough and tough!


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Diesel e os patinhos
Czech Diesel a kačátka
Dutch Diesel en de Eendjes
French Diesel et les Canetons
Hebrew דיזל והברווזונים
Hungarian Diesel és a kacsák
Indonesian Disel dan Anak-anak Bebek
Italian Diesel e gli anatroccoli
Japanese ディーゼルのひみつ
Korean 디젤과 새끼 오리들
Latin American Spanish Diesel y los Patitos
Polish Diesel i Kaczuszki
Romanian Diesel şi Răţuştele
Russian Дизель и утята
Serbian Dizel i pačići
Slovenian Mehkužnež Dizel
Turkish Diesel ve Ördek Yavruları

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