“We'll get you, Mr. Diesel!”
Troublesome Trucks

Diesel and the Trucks is a magazine story.


Diesel has been sent to the end of Thomas' Branch Line to collect some trucks. He has already attempted to collect them once before, but ran out of oil along the way. He was in a bad mood; he ends up having to be rescued by Thomas and his passengers laugh at him. Diesel bumps the trucks hard and the trucks swear revenge, but Diesel takes no notice. Soon, he is coupled up and Thomas steamed in. He advises Diesel to get a brake van attached, but Diesel thinks Thomas knows nothing about trucks and ignored him.

It's not long before Diesel and the trucks arrive back at the Main Station. Diesel switches into a siding and his driver applies the brakes. This is the moment the trucks had been waiting for. They bump Diesel, sending him flying into the buffers. Later, the Fat Controller scolds him and Diesel decides to listen to Thomas' advice in the future.



  • It is said that Diesel smashes through the buffers and into a pile of coal, but there is no coal seen in the illustration. To add to that, the Fat Controller is said to scold Diesel "later on", but in the illustration he is present at the time Diesel crashes.


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