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Digs & Discoveries is a UK/AUS DVD containing two double-length special episodes and five regular-length episodes from the twenty-third series of Thomas & Friends.


Thomas travels to Italy, where he's introduced to the country's rich, ancient history. While working on the Italian railway, Thomas meets Stefano the Super Cruiser and runs into his old friend Gina, just in time for her to come to his rescue after his curiosity leads to trouble. Determined to make an amazing discovery, Thomas finds himself lost down an old mine where he uncovers the legendary Lost Engine, Lorenzo! Inspired by Lorenzo's opera singing, Thomas tries to make glorious music too but loses his voice just when he has a very important message to deliver! Join Thomas and his friends for a grande Italian adventure!

Special Episodes


  1. All Tracks Lead to Rome
  2. Mines of Mystery


  1. Steam Team to the Rescue
  2. All Tracks Lead to Rome
  3. Mines of Mystery



  1. Lorenzo's Solo
  2. Too Loud, Thomas!
  3. First Day on Sodor! (Separate from the main feature)
  4. Deep Trouble (Separate from the main feature)
  5. Out of Site (Separate from the main feature)

Bonus Features



  • This DVD marks the first time that the HiT Entertainment logo has been used at the start of a UK release since Tales from the Rails.
  • All Tracks Lead to Rome, Mines of Mystery, Lorenzo's Solo and Too Loud, Thomas! were all combined to form one hour-long special for the UK and Australian DVD releases, the Dutch theatrical release and the Russian TV release, although the latter two episodes still have their title cards but not their opening or Learn with Thomas segments.
  • A VIP premiere of the special episodes (barring Lorenzo's Solo and Too Loud, Thomas!) was held at Drayton Manor's 4D cinema on 6th July for over 200 fans including families, guests and competition winners. Shortly after, the episodes were publicly shown there from 7 July to 14 July.
  • The Japanese theatrical release was originally planned for 3rd April 2020, but it was postponed to 4th September due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, despite the Japanese dub being finished before the pandemic began.
  • The Korean dub was made from 25th June 2020, but it was released on VOD on 23rd July 2020.
  • This special was shown on VOD before airing on television in South Korea.
  • This special was released on VOD before airing twenty-second series on television in South Korea.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Escavar e Descobrir
Dutch Opgraven & Ontdekken
German Ausgrabungen & Abenteuer
Japanese チャオ!とんでうたって大冒険!! (Temporary Title)
Korean 유적발굴과 탐험
Latin American Spanish Excava y Descubre
Russian Раскопки и открытия
Spanish Excavando para Descubrir

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