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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the board book.

“Steamies are fast, steamies are first!”

Don't Go Back is the fourteenth episode of the twelfth series.


Thomas and Diesel are to load and shunt trucks of stone for Henry, but they get sidetracked when Diesel claims he is faster than Thomas - and declares a backwards race to prove it. However, the three heats (which end in a draw) cause Mavis, 'Arry and Bert to be derailed after Thomas and Diesel collide with them. When Henry arrives, none of the trucks have been loaded. While Thomas arranges the train and collects Rocky to put Mavis, 'Arry and Bert back on the rails, Diesel clears away the mess from the races. When the two are done, Diesel challenges Thomas to another race, which Thomas orders to be forward. This time, both arrive at the quarry gates at the same time.




  • Stock footage from eleventh series episode, Hector the Horrid! and The Great Discovery is used.
  • After crashing through the shed, Diesel says "Oh no!" in the UK narration, but says "Uh-oh!" in the US.
  • This is the last episode written by Simon Spencer.
  • This episode marks Henry, Diesel and Mavis' last appearances in the model series, as well as Mavis' only appearance in the twelfth series.
  • The music of the engines fighting each other in Calling All Engines! is reused when Thomas and Diesel are racing against each other.


  • When Thomas and Diesel are at the quarry shed and the Manager is walking towards them, Thomas' face is differently angled from his smokebox.
  • A third rail is used to make Mavis derail and is clearly visible.
  • Diesel blows steam from his cab when he and Thomas shunt the trucks of rubble and wood.
  • 'Arry and Bert are missing the stubble on their CGI faces. Their faces are also considerably smaller than usual.
  • Diesel's wheels do not move as he reverses away from the hopper.
  • Right before Thomas and Diesel crash into 'Arry and Bert, one of the twins' eyes are wonky.
  • When Thomas tells Henry that his train will be ready, his CGI face is not proportioned correctly.
  • In the closeup of the trucks filled with rubble from the sheds, one of them is over Thomas' steam platform.
  • When Thomas puffs away from Henry in the overhead shot, he is missing his face.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Não Anda Para Trás
Canadian French Ne Pas Revenir
Chinese Mandarin 别倒车
Czech Prozpátku Ne
Finnish Peruuttamatta Paras
French La Compétition
German Nicht rückwärts!
Indonesian Jangan Mundur
Italian Vietato Correre All'Indietro
Korean 뒤로 달리기 (Kids 1)
거꾸로 칙칙폭폭 (EBS)
Latin American Spanish A No Retroceder
Polish Wyścig Tyłem

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