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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the song, the Buzz Book, the 1985 annual story, or the magazine story.

“You don't understand, Donald, how much the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt relies on me"
"Och, aye"
"I'm Great Western and I..."
"Quack, quack, quack!"
"Ye heard! 'Quack, quack' ye go! Sounds like ye had an egg laid! Now wheesht and let an engine sleep!"
"Quack yourself!”
―Duck and Donald

Donald's Duck is the fifth episode of the third series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book Oliver the Western Engine.


Duck the Great Western Engine works very hard on the Island of Sodor. Whether he is pulling coaches, taking trucks or shunting in the yard, he always does the work quickly and without complaint. One day, the Fat Controller comes to see Duck to thanking him for all the hard work he has done. He then asks him if he would like to have his own branch line, which Duck happily accepts.

Taking charge of his new line, Duck is happy at being given such a big responsibility. He finds it to be quite scenic, running along the coast and into a port where ships dock. Duck very much enjoys exploring the new line as well as being close to the sea, remarking that it is just like being on holiday and is soon busier than ever before. The Fat Controller is building a shed at Tidmouth Hault, and Duck helps out with the construction along with the other engines while his passengers are looked after by Bertie. Although it is a long job, everyone helping means that the shed will be finished on time.

Duck is still feeling the importance of his new responsibilities and enjoys talking about them. One night in the shed, he starts telling Donald how important he is to the line now. Donald is sleepy, but when Duck carries on, Donald - at the end of his tether - mocks him by making quacking noises and saying Duck sounds like he laid an egg. Duck is offended by this joke and tells his crew about it the next day. Duck's fireman has a plan to pay Donald back, and he tells Duck and the driver. They all agree, but soon Duck is back at work and nothing else is said. That night, however, when Donald goes to sleep, Duck's crew drop something into the Scottish engine's water tank.

The next morning when Donald stops for water, his crew are astounded when a white duckling pops out of his tank. Donald sees the funny side of the joke, and the duckling is friendly towards him and the crew and is allowed to ride in his tender despite the other engines often teasing him. The duckling soon tires of traveling and hops off at a station which is where she ends up staying.

That night, Donald's crew decides to pay Duck back, and next morning, the driver and fireman find an egg in a nest box under the Great Western Engine's bunker. Donald jokes that Duck must have laid it in the night, and Duck agrees that Donald has won.

The duckling enjoys swimming and playing in a pond near her station where she can see the engines going past. The stationmaster calls her Dilly, but to everyone else, she will always be Donald's duck.




  • Pre-filmed footage from Mavis is used.
  • The Coast Guard and Shrimpers from TUGS appear.
  • In the close-up shot of Donald's water tank, the lid is made of a British 1 penny coin painted black.
  • The large-scale model of the nest box is a modified short wheelbase plank truck.
  • In early US releases, Dilly's quacking sounds are omitted in some scenes.
  • In the restored version, Duck rolls his eyes after talking to the Fat Controller.
  • In the original UK dub, the music is omitted when Duck runs on his branch line.
  • This episode aired back-to-back with Percy and the Signal on Storytime with Thomas.
  • The name of this episode is based off a pun of the famous Disney character, Donald Duck.
  • Apart from deleted scenes, this is the only episode to feature Dilly's Pond.
  • In Canada this episode was released before Donald and Douglas meaning the Canadian Audience wouldn't know Donald and Douglas are.


  • In the US dub, Duck said to be pulling the heavy trucks where in fact, he is actually pushing them.
  • Before Duck was being teased by Donald, the steam smoke flows around him. Then as he looked bewildered, the smoke disappears until it reappears when Duck retorted, "Quack yourself!"
  • Duck's driver and fireman get mixed up briefly while discussing their plan.
  • When one of Duck's crew members is putting the duck in Donald's tender, he is missing his mustache.
  • The narrator says Donald opened a sleepy eye, but he opens both.
  • Because pre-filmed footage is used, snow appears in the close up of Donald's fireman instead of dust.
  • Throughout the episode, despite being a duckling, Dilly is depicted as a fully grown duck. The most obvious difference is that she has white feathers instead of yellow down.
  • When the narrator mentions Bertie, one of the other buses is mistakenly shown instead.
  • Throughout most of the episode, Donald's brake pipe faces downwards, but faces upwards in the scenes where he is passing Tidmouth Beach, stopped at Tidmouth Hault, and when is with Duck and Dilly and the very end.


Duck: You don't understand, Donald, how much the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt relies on me.
Donald: Och, aye.
Duck: I'm Great Western, and I...
Donald: Quack! Quack! Quack!
Duck: What?!
Donald: Ye hear. Quack, quack, ya go. Sounds like you're an egg layer. Now wheesh, and let an engine sleep!
Duck: Quack yourself!

Donald: [about the egg under Duck's bunker] Well, well, well! Ye must've laid it in the night, Duck. All unbeknownst!
Duck: You win, Donald. It'd take a clever engine to get the better of you!


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 唐诺的鸭子
Czech Donaldova Kachnicka
Danish Donalds And
Dutch Donald's Duck
Finnish Donaldin Ankka
German Ein schlechter Scherz
Greek Καινούριος φίλος
Hungarian Donald Kiskacsája
Italian L'anatroccolo
Japanese ドナルドのあひる
Korean 덕의 오리
Latin American Spanish El pato de Donald
Norwegian Donalds And
Polish Kaczka Donalda
Romanian Rățușca lui Donald
Russian Уточка Дональда
Serbian Patkova Patka
Slovenian Gašperjeva Račka
Swedish Donalds Anka
Turkish Donald'ın Ördeği
Ukrainian Дональдова качка
Welsh Cwac!

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