This article is about the annual story. You may be looking for the episode, the song, the Buzz Book or the magazine story.

Donald's Duck is the fifth story in the 1985 Annual.


One day, Dilly the duck disappears. The engines on the Little Western are worried and so are the staff. The stationmaster and porters look everywhere: under seats, in waiting rooms, behind cupboards and even in the room below the signal box where the oil-lamps are kept, but it is no use. Dilly has vanished. Nobody sees her for months, but one day, when Duck leaves Haultraugh, his fireman spots something on the track. Duck stops just in time! Crossing the rails in front of him are four pale-brown ducklings, their father pecking behind, and in front, their mother... Dilly. The porters arrange a "welcome home" party for her.





  • Duck is illustrated to resemble Oliver more, as he is incorrectly depicted as a GWR 14xx class with the sand hatch removed and some handrails missing.
  • James is incorrectly depicted as an LMS Fowler 4F class.
  • In the second illustration, Duck is far too low to the rails and his axles are also missing.


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