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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the third series episode, the Buzz Book, the magazine story adaptation, or the annual story.

Donald's Duck is a song from the fifth series dedicated to Donald and Dilly. It uses some elements of Donald and Douglas' theme.


I found a quacker in my tender
She was very, very tame
But she quacked all night and through the day
She was driving me insane
My driver and my fireman
Tried everything they know
To shoo the quacker away from me
But she did not want to go
The quacker clearly loves me
Was impossible to nab
So now we have befriended her
She rides inside my cab
She quacks in stations big and small
She quacks at people too
Now, everyone calls her "Donald's duck"
But I call her "my quackeroo"!
She makes me so happy with her little ways
So happy — it's true
Now, everyone calls her "Donald's duck"
But I call her "my quackeroo"!
Quacking here — quacking there
She is quacking everywhere
Quack quack — choo choo choo
She's my little quackeroo
She's quacking here and there
She's quacking everywhere
Quack quack — shoo shoo shoo
She's my quackeroo
Now everybody loves her —
They love to hear her quack
And when we have to say goodbye —
They ask when she'll be back
She's captured everybody's heart -
She knows just what to do
Now, everyone calls her "Donald's duck"
But she's my quackeroo!
She's my quackeroo!
She's my quackeroo!



Footage Used

Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Donald's Duck:
    • A deleted scene of Donald passing Edward at the beach.
    • A deleted scene of Donald on the bridge to Anopha Quarry.
    • A deleted scene of Dilly in Donald's tender at day and night.
    • A deleted scene of Donald's driver and fireman looking in Donald's tender at Anopha Quarry.
    • A deleted wide-shot of Donald and Dilly at the station.
  • Specially shot footage:
    • A scene of Dilly standing in a puppet show stand at the Norramby Fishing Village from Make Someone Happy.
    • A scene of Dilly with the signalman from Bye George!
    • A scene of Dilly on Sir Topham Hatt's Car from Lady Hatt's Birthday Party.
    • A scene of Dilly at Hawin Lake station from Haunted Henry.
    • Scenes of Dilly on Thomas from Something in the Air, Henry from Haunted Henry and Oliver from Oliver's Find.
    • A scene of Dilly on The Sodor Maid from Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday.
    • A scene of Dilly with Sir Topham Hatt in the muddy pool from Lady Hatt's Birthday Party.
    • A scene of Dilly in the stationmaster's office from Busy Going Backwards.
    • A scene of Dilly on a branch in front of Harold from Oliver's Find.
    • A scene of Dilly waddling around in front of a crowd of people.
    • Several scenes of Dilly riding with Donald on the branch line.


  • This is the second song not released on home video in Australia, the first being Night Train. They can be found online through YouTube however.
  • The font of the lyrics and bouncing cloud puff animation is different on the Thomas' Trackside Tunes VHS/DVD and Cranky Bugs and Other Thomas Stories DVD.
  • In the Latin American Spanish version of the song, Michael Angelis' quacking sounds for Dilly are unused until the last 15 seconds of the song where Dilly's quacking sounds are used after the children finished their singing. Unlike the English and Japanese versions of the song where the quacking sounds are used during the children's vocal singing for the song.
  • This song was written to sound as if it was sung by Donald. Because of this, it uses numerous first-person pronouns.
  • This is one of the rare music videos in the model era to feature stop-motion animation and live-action model footage in the same time. This makes it the first time doing so, this happened again on the sixth series song, Down by the Docks in 2002.
  • The song was based on an original lyric idea by David Mitton.
  • Dilly's quacking sound is different in the Japanese version, replacing Michael Angelis' voice for Dilly the Duck.
  • A version without lyrics can be seen on the official Thomas and Friends YouTube channel. It was uploaded on 2 April 2015.
  • As with the episode of the same name and the original story written by Wilbert Awdry, the name of the song is a pun on that of famous Disney character, Donald Duck.
  • According to a Youtube comment by Junior Campbell, David Mitton came up with most of the lyrics with the exception of the "she makes me so happy" break.


  • Mike O'Donnell's last name is misspelled "O'Donnel" on the UK title card.
  • During the head-on shots of Donald with Dilly, the background and the flatbed in front of Donald keep moving due to the stop-motion animation.
  • Douglas is mistakenly shown instead of Donald several times.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese ドナルドのガーガーあひる
Latin American Spanish La canción de el Pato de Donald

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