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A Double Feature is two previous VHS or DVD releases put together in new packaging. Three double feature VHS releases were made exclusively for Blockbuster video rental stores in the US in 1999 and 2002.

In 2007, Anchor Bay Entertainment began releasing double-sided DVDs containing two previously released DVDs. The contents of the DVDs remained exactly the same, but on double-sided discs with new covers. Lionsgate re-released the DVDs with double-sided discs as well, and released a few of their own double feature titles, including some HiT Favorites DVDs. Universal, however, re-released the DVDs on two separate discs starting in 2015.

Some Double Features included non-Thomas DVDs with a Thomas DVD. Sony Pictures released Thomas and the Magic Railroad along The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland in 2007. 20th Century Fox also released several Double Features with one Bob the Builder DVD and one Thomas DVD in 2007.

Blockbuster Exclusive VHS releases

  1. Thomas' Useful Stories - Thomas and His Friends Help Out/Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  2. Thomas' Fan Favorite Adventures - Best of James/Best of Percy
  3. Thomas' Magical Musical Ride - Thomas' Trackside Tunes/Sing-Along and Stories

DVD releases

  1. Thomas Gets Tricked/Percy's Ghostly Trick and Other Thomas Stories
  2. On Site with Thomas and Other Adventures/Thomas' Trusty Friends
  3. Trust Thomas/A Big Day for Thomas
  4. James Goes Buzz Buzz/Thomas and the Special Letter
  5. Trackside Tunes/Thomas and His Friends Help Out
  6. Thomas and the Toy Workshop/Thomas and the Really Brave Engines
  7. Percy Takes the Plunge/Thomas Gets Bumped
  8. Thomas and the Treasure/Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  9. Best of James/Best of Thomas
  10. On Site with Thomas and Other Adventures/Races, Rescues and Runaways and Other Adventures
  11. Thomas' Halloween Adventures/Percy's Ghostly Trick
  12. New Friends for Thomas/Spills and Chills
  13. Steamies vs. Diesels/Thomas' Sodor Celebration!
  14. Thomas Gets Tricked/Thomas' Halloween Adventures

Other DVDs

20th Century Fox Kids' Double Features