This article is about the De Agostini magazine story. You may be looking for the American title of the second series episode, the thirteenth series episode, the 1996 magazine story, the annual story, or the 2012 magazine story.
“I work better by myself!"
"Don't fall off the track!”
―Donald and Douglas

Double Trouble! is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the television series.


Donald and Douglas usually work together, but like all friends they sometimes fall out. One day, they are happily puffing along sharing a load when they see Trevor across the line; he'd been struggling with a cartload of hay and was travelling across the rails when one of the wheels broke. Then Trevor hears Donald and Douglas approaching. Donald hits the cart and ends up in a ditch. Thinking that his twin had pushed him, Donald blames Douglas for the accident. Douglas is not happy and accuses Donald of causing the accident. The track is soon cleared and Donald is winched back onto the rails, but both of the twins are so cross that they refuse to speak to each other for the rest of the day.

The next morning, the Fat Controller wants one engine to go and work with Duck. Donald eagerly volunteers, much to Thomas' concern; he is worried that Donald will miss working with his twin. Donald insists that he works better by himself and puffs away.

It is not long before Donald gets cross with Duck. Douglas is enjoying working alone. At first he enjoys the peace and quiet, but soon grows bored of being alone. Despite trying not to, he starts missing his twin.

That night, Douglas' driver takes him to visit Donald, who asks if Douglas has come to say sorry. This makes Donald very cross and, clearly stating that he has nothing to be sorry for, steams away in a huff.

Next day, Donald is in a bad mood and cannot concentrate on his work. He puffs too close to the buffers, smashes right through them, and derails. Duck is unable to rescue Donald himself and races off to fetch Douglas. As soon as Douglas hears the news, he races off to help his twin. Before long, Douglas has rescued Donald. Then another argument breaks out, but this time the twins are arguing about who is sorry. Duck ends the argument and the two twins puff happily home together.





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