This article is about the 2012 magazine story. You may be looking for the American title of the second series episode, the thirteenth series episode, the annual story, the 1996 magazine story or the De Agostini story.
“The Fat Controller is acting rather strangely. And is that...a moustache?”

Double Trouble is a magazine story it was illustrated by using photographs from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2012 Thomas Annual.


Thomas is worried; he is to pick up the Fat Controller and take him to his birthday party, but he is running late. Thomas pulls into the station where the Fat Controller is waiting. To Thomas' surprise, when the Fat Controller turns around, he has a moustache. Thomas is puzzled, but decides it best not to say anything; he does not want to make himself look silly.

Thomas soon meets up with Edward who has taken some children to the woods. The Fat Controller jumps out of Annie, insisting that he play hide-and-seek with the children. Both Edward and Thomas think the Fat Controller is behaving very strangely. After a while, the Fat Controller climbs back aboard and Thomas sets off for the party. Once there, everyone asks where the Fat Controller is. It turns out that the similar-looking man is actually Sir Topham's brother, Sir Lowham Hatt. Thomas, wishing he had found out earlier, sets off to find the real Fat Controller and his wife.

The Fat Controller and Lady Hatt had travelled with Bertie instead, but the bus had broken down. The Fat Controller and his wife are very cross. Thomas apologises for his mistake and races the pair to the party. When they arrive, the Fat Controller cheers up immediately. Soon everyone is playing a game of "Blind Man's Bluff" and the Fat Controller is heard laughing even louder than his brother.





  • When Thomas finds out that Sir Lowham is not the Fat Controller, he is back at Maithwaite, but the text says that he is at the party.
  • Bertie's radiator is missing.


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