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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the magazine story or the song.

Down at the Docks is a book.


Thomas looks at the docks and sees that everyone is very busy preparing for the ocean show at Tidmouth. Thomas asks everyone if they needs any help, but is sad that they do not need any help. He sees Salty coupled up to the Aquarium Tank Wagons, and asks where they are going. Thomas goes back to the station thinking there might be something to do there. Percy puffs pass Thomas, who tries to tell him about the special cargo Salty has, but Percy is in a hurry and puffs off quickly. Percy puffs up to Salty's aquarium trucks, and is frightened by the shark. He is so frightened, that he bumps into Henry. Henry then runs into Harvey's trucks. Harvey then runs into James, which startles Cranky, and he drops the crates of seaweed. Thomas now has lots to do. He helps the engines back to the rails and he helps Harvey clean up the mess. After Thomas helps clean up the mess, he goes with Salty to look at the cars when the shark winks at him.



  • The small door on the top of the aquarium car is missing on the cover.
  • James' splasher is not coloured black.
  • There is no ladder going up to Cranky's control area.
  • The writing on the crates Harvey was unloading disappears.
  • Harvey's driver is nowhere to be seen.
  • In the illustration of Thomas cleaning up, the yellow lining on his window is missing.
  • Harvey's connecting rod is not connected to his piston.
  • In the seventh illustration, James' truck is missing its back coupler.
  • Harvey is illustrated with black buffers.
  • Part of Henry's smokebox is green when it should be black.

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