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“Tomorrow, I'm going to be faster, shinier, and stronger than Spencer!”

Dream On is the third episode of the eleventh series.


To the dismay of the other engines, Spencer is visiting the Island of Sodor. When Thomas was shunting trucks, Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas to help Spencer as he will be tired after his journey to the Island of Sodor. Upon steaming brashly into the yard, Thomas is still shunting, but Spencer insults Thomas that he is better than him and that Thomas is just a little tank engine which infuriates Thomas, but still helps Spencer by shunting his coaches into place. Thomas is tired when he gets back to the shed and Spencer continues boosting about himself, making Thomas cross and is determined to show that he is more faster, shinier and stronger than Spencer.

The next day after picking up some trucks from the Smelter's yard, Thomas tries to go as fast as Spencer, but is warned by Emily as he approaches a bend in the track. Thomas stops just in time knowing he cannot be faster than Spencer. Thomas is at the washdown where he is giving a shiny polish. Toby arrives to give a message to Thomas that he has to work at the quarry and Thomas puffs away. When Thomas arrives, Mavis is impressed that Thomas is the shiniest engine she has ever seen, which makes him pleased. But after working at the quarry, Thomas is dirty and his shine has disappeared.

As he makes it to Gordon's Hill, he tries to pull his load up the hill, but his train pulls him back down the hill. Thomas realises that he is not better than Spencer after all. The next day, Thomas decides that he is more happy to shunt trucks. Sir Topham Hatt arrives to tell Thomas that the Duke of Boxford needs to return to the mainland urgently for an important business.

Thomas delivers Spencer's Coaches to Spencer, but his fire is slow to start and Thomas teases Spencer that he is the slowest to get fired up making Spencer feel silly. Thomas takes the Duke to the Airport where Jeremy is waiting and the Duke thanks Thomas for saving the Day. Even if Thomas is not better than Spencer, he is more happier to be a reliable engine.




  • Going by production order, this is the fifth episode of the eleventh series.
  • This episode marks the Duke of Boxford's first speaking role.
  • This episode is named after the song by American Rock band Aerosmith.
  • The scene of Thomas trying to go as fast as Spencer is sped up.
  • This episode marks Spencer's last appearance in the model series.


  • In the scene at Tidmouth Sheds, you can see behind Thomas' eye.
  • When Thomas races past Emily, Emily is not coupled to her coaches.
  • The Duke says "I will miss my airplane" in the British narration, but "airplane" is an American term. He should have said "aeroplane" in the British version.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 持续的梦
Czech Sni dál
Danish Drøm Videre
Dutch Spencer Supertrein
German Spencer, der Angeber
Hungarian Thomas álmodozik
Japanese トーマスのあこがれ
Norwegian Thomas står på
Polish Marzenia
Portuguese Continue sonhando
Romanian Visează în Continuare
Russian Мечты
Slovak Sni ďalej
Spanish Sigue soñando
Swedish Drömma går ju
Thai สเปนเซอร์จอมอวด

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