“Something must be wrong. This station is for goods, not passengers.”
―Thomas, Thomas Gets Bumped, third season

Dryaw Goods Station is a small station located on the Harbour Line of Thomas' Branch Line.


The Railway Series

Dryaw Goods Station was originally the main station for the village of Dryaw. As part of the Knapford Harbour Development Scheme between 1955-1957, a new main station was built to the north on the new "Main Branch" and this station, now on the goods-only "Harbour Line", was turned into a Goods Depot, with a staff of two responsible to the Stationmaster of Elsbridge.

Dryaw Goods Station is near the village centre, ironically making it better suited for passenger trains than the main station. Workmen's trains stop here as do most goods trains, and it is not unknown for Goods Guard's to have a van full of passengers on market days for Elsbridge or Knapford as the case may be.[1]

Thomas & Friends

Whenever Thomas passes the Goods Station, children wave to him from the nearby bridge, and occasionally he stops to talk to them. Once, Thomas was surprised to be flagged down at station to pick up passengers, as the station was for goods-only. An Inspector explained that a school bus had broken and the children needed a ride to Toryreck, which Thomas provided.[2]



Thomas & Friends

Model Series



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