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Dryaw School is a school located at Dryaw on the Island of Sodor. It has made numerous appearances since the fifth series. Occasionally, pupils have been known to be taken by train to school, so it has a small platform that leads to a schoolyard.

One time, the playground was closed due to dirty sand, upsetting the children. After Gordon crashed into a closed tunnel under repair, they used the sand from the accident and the playground was reopened.

Gordon once had a nightmare in 2005 special, Calling All Engines! that he was turned into part of the playground at the school.

Diesel once had to take slate to the school after a storm blew them off the roof.



  • In the fifth and tenth series, the school had several tracks passing it. However, there is only one in all other appearances.
  • In the fifth series, the set is the same as The Hay Farm, slightly redressed with a fence to resemble a playground.