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Duchess is an upcoming character who will debut in the twenty-fourth series.


Thomas & Friends

Duchess is the Royal Engine who is sent to transport The Queen to London. Thomas meets her on his own way to London, but unfortunately, Thomas misunderstands Duchess at first.

Technical Details


Duchess is based on the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Coronation Class. Designed by William Stanier and built at Crewe Works between 1937 and 1948, these 4-6-2 tender locomotives were built for express passenger services and, on test, were the most powerful steam locomotives ever used in Great Britain. They were in service until 1962-1964, when they were withdrawn from service and scrapped en masse. Three examples have been preserved, including No. 6229 Duchess of Hamilton at the National Railway Museum.

Duchess has some modifications from her original basis; her smoke deflectors are more akin to those on the Royal Scot Class, and she has an LNER corridor tender of the same design as Flying Scotsman's. She also has circular buffers as opposed to oval ones, as well as a single chimney as opposed to the double chimney used on the Coronation class.


Duchess is painted cream with gold lining and boiler bands. Her wheels, running plate, and buffer shanks are painted red, while her front buffer beam is black. She carries two red nameplates, one on each side of her boiler, as well as a crown symbol on her front end. The letters 'LMS' are written on her tender in gold, while her number is written in gold on her cab side.



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