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“Montague of the Great Western Railway reporting for duty, sir!”

Duck's Service is a magazine story.


Duck is sent to the works for a routine service. The workmen are giving him a full inspection to see if there are any old or worn parts and finish him off with a good clean. By the time they are finished, Duck fells like he was a brand new engine. Duck is excited to get back to work. He pulls goods and passenger trains up and down the mainline that by the end of the day he is not tired at all. Duck takes Percy's mail train under the Fat Controller's approval but he is still not tired. So the next morning, Duck asks Henry if he can take the Flying Kipper for him, which Henry accepts. So Duck races away to collect the fish train. Later that morning, the stationmaster is waiting for Duck to take a light goods train but he is nowhere in sight. But they see, down in the siding, Duck asleep. Even engines who feel brand new need their rest.





  • The trucks' bufferbeams are green.