The Duck Pond is a large pond situated somewhere on the Island of Sodor, this pond is a home to a small group of ducks.


Thomas & Friends

While Percy was talking Lady Hatt to Great Waterton, he passed the duck pond on his way. As this location was one of Lady Hatt's favourite locations on the Island of Sodor, she asked Percy to stop, and she immediately got out of the coaches and went to look at the ducks swimming in the pond.

Some time later, Diesel stopped by the pond to let a family of ducks cross the tracks. Tired of Diesel's "rough and tough" attitude, Thomas used this to make Diesel be kind to the other engines all day. When Diesel failed to keep his promise, Thomas led 'Arry and Bert to the pond to show them Diesel's new friends. In his haste, Thomas nearly ran over the ducks while they were crossing the tracks, but was fortunately able to stop in time with the help of Diesel.

When the pond froze over, Terence visited the site to find a suitable Christmas tree for Sir Robert Norramby's Christmas party at Ulfstead Castle. Unfortunately, the ice on the pond cracked while Terence was going over it. He was saved from falling in by Thomas, however the tree was lost.




Thomas & Friends

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